Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Sunday, November 13, 2016

City of Lights

This weekend the Festival of Lights is being held in Mexico City.  There are special lighting displays throughout the historic center.  On Friday evening Alejandro and I took the Metrobus downtown, getting off near the Monument to the Revolution.  Here was one of the most impressive of the displays.

The Monument was bathed in blue light, and lasers were projected from its upper level.

The fountains in front of the Monument were also illuminated.  Some people were crazy enough on this chilly night to run through the fountains.

The laser lights extended for a mile and a quarter, and could be seen all the way down Juárez Avenue, Madero Street, and to the city's main plaza, the Zócalo.

Another impressive display was at the Palace of Fine Arts.  Images were projected on the facade of Mexico City's great theater.

The festival attracted large crowds.  Even at 11:00 the streets were crowded with people.


  1. I remember that light display on the facade of Bellas Artes from 2013. The laser lights on Monumento de la Revolucion are new, however.

    And it seems I will not make it to DF until December at the earliest. Perhaps our paths will cross some other time. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


    1. I will be back in Mexico in January. Perhaps our paths will cross!