Thursday, December 17, 2020

Hope at the End of the Tunnel

(Image taken from the web)

Thank goodness for the highly effective vaccines from Pfizer, which is already being administered, and from Moderna, which is soon to be approved.  One of the worst aspects of this pandemic has been not having any idea when we could begin to return to a normal life.  In fact, if it were not for the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" this winter would be more terrifying and depressing than the previous nine months.  The daily numbers of new cases and deaths this month have been unprecedented, and the virus is sweeping through every state of the union.  In the previous months, the virus was simply something I read about in the news.  Now people are telling me about folks that they personally know that are infected or who have died.  Now a couple of people that are dear to me are infected.   We now have surpassed the number of U.S. combat deaths inflicted in the entirety of World War II.  Yesterday's death toll surpassed the number of deaths from Pearl Harbor, or from 9-11.  Yet there are still idiots (and, believe me, I am tempted to use a much stronger word) who believe that this pandemic is a hoax, or that it is an infringement upon their liberty to wear masks or to practice social distancing.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that as a senior citizen I will be able to receive my two doses of vaccine by February and March, and that I will finally be able to return to Mexico in April.  Alejandro gave me pause for concern when he said that just because the vaccine would keep me from becoming ill, it doesn't mean that I cannot spread the virus to others.  I certainly would not want to be a "Typhoid Mary".  I did read an article that said that it was not known if the vaccines then being developed provide "sterilizing immunity', that is, that they not only protect the vaccinated person, but also kill the virus.  However, I asked the pharmacist, when I got my shingles shot, and then my doctor, when I went in for my annual checkup last week.  Both said that it would be unlikely that I could spread the disease after I am vaccinated.  A friend also told me that he read about a study which showed that vaccinated people exposed to the virus were expelling dead virus.

In Mexico, people have no idea when a vaccine will be available.  Obviously if Alejandro and his family have not been immunized yet, he and I will not be able to do the things we usually do when I visit... going out to restaurants and sightseeing.  But I will be satisfied if I can just finally return to Mexico and see my "Mexican family".



  1. We have received specific information all along about the vaccine in Mexico for the last month or two with the schedule of ALL people residing in Mexico. The first shots will beging the first week of January for healthcare workers etc and my age group will be between February and April. Much that I have read in the US newspapers from epidemiologists is that we will still have to wear masks, social distance and sanitize a lot until the end of 2021, if then. I will do whatever it takes. Having lost two dear, dear long time friends this week and awaiting the loss of the cousin I was so close to all my life in the next week or so has been quite a difficult experience. I hope we all survive something that did not have to be this bad if the scientists and doctors had been in charge. I'm SO mad right now about the emails coming out about her immunity! I have tried not to get mad but I am definitely there now.

    1. I am so sorry for your losses.
      I too am mad... mad at the incompetent, uncaring irresponsible administration, at the anti-vaxers, at the anti-mask crowd and those who say it is all a hoax. They all have blood on their hands.