city at night

city at night

Friday, December 31, 2021

The End of Another Year


We have survived and made it through another strange and crazy year.  In March of 2021, as we reached the first anniversary of the pandemic, we were filled with hope and optimism as several vaccines were becoming available to the public.  That month I received my second shot, and I felt confident enough to resume my normal travel schedule to Mexico.  I made three trips during the year, and I will return again in January.  Sadly, because the vaccine was not widely available in many parts of the world, and because too many people prefer to listen to conspiracy theories instead of science, the pandemic continued, and new variants emerged.  Through it all I continued to be cautious.  I never stopped wearing my mask even when I was one of the very few who thought it prudent.  Now the Omicron variant has exploded, and the numbers of cases are higher than ever.  The good news is that those of us who are fully vaccinated and got the booster shot seem to be unlikely to be hospitalized or die if we do become infected.  However, I am not letting down my guard.  I have started to double mask with a surgical mask over my N-95.  Maybe I am being overly cautious, but I have gone this far without getting sick, and I want to keep it that way.

The infamous "Spanish Flu" pandemic of the early 20th century lasted two years with several waves.  Perhaps after the wave of Omicron subsides, our pandemic will wind down.  We will probably always have COVID with us, just as we will always have the flu, but let's hope that 2022 will be the year when we can live our lives more normally again.

To all of my readers, my best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year! 

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