city at night

city at night

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Irma's Collection

I have written a number of times about my friend Irma.  She was the wife of one of my college Spanish professors.  Born and raised in Mexico, she has lived here in Ohio, within walking distance of my house, for more than fifty years.  Last September she celebrated her 90th birthday.

Irma collects Nativity scenes, and over the years has amassed a large number of them.  Of course, she has a traditional Mexican "nacimiento", similar to what I wrote about in my last post.  The handmade, clay figurines, in addition to the the Holy Family, the shepherds and wise men, include an array of Mexican villagers transplanted to Bethlehem.


Most of her dozens of Nativity scenes are miniatures.

I have contributed a number of pieces.  Every time that I travel, I try to find something different to add to her collection.  When I was in Mexico last August I bought a Nativity scene done by the Huichol tribe as a gift for her 90th birthday party.

The Huichol people are famous for making handicrafts that are covered in colored beads.  You can see in this close-up the intricate work that they do.

On my latest trip to Mexico City, I found this pottery piece in one of the government-sponsored handicraft stores.  This past week, I went over to her apartment to give it to her.  She was delighted and immediately placed it on the shelf with her other "nacimientos".


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