Friday, November 22, 2019

The Flight Home

Yesterday I had a long layover in Houston, but I always prefer to have long layover to having to worry about making my connection.  However my flights left on time and both arrived ahead of schedule.  I am now back in Ohio, where the temperature is 38 F, and wishing that I were still in Mexico.

Taking off from Houston airport

Clouds at sunset

A blurry photo as the plane descends into Cleveland airport


  1. CDMX airport is always a nightmare to go in and out of for me. I am used to huge airports but this airport seems to always be so inefficient.

    1. I have never had any major problems there. The worst part is that, depending on my arrival time, I sometimes have to wait an hour to get through immigration. I usually have only carry-on luggage, and I have my boarding pass already printed, so I don't have to check in. And I use the other security check point which never has a line. I just have a longer walk to get to my gate, but it's worth it.