city at night

city at night

Saturday, August 31, 2019

On to Munich

On Wednesday I left Vienna and took the train to Munich, the capital of the German state of Bavaria.  I checked out of my hotel, and rolled my luggage across the street to the train station.  As usual I was early.  I had breakfast in the station, and then waited in front of the big blue board waiting for the platform assignment.

My train was supposed to leave at 10:30, but it was fifteen minutes late.  (Obviously we aren't in Switzerland.)  I was a four hour rail journey to Munich.  As we approached Salzburg the landscape became more mountainous.

We arrived at Salzburg station and waited there for perhaps ten minutes while some of the train cars were separated.  Part of the train was going to Bregenz, a lakeside city on the border with Switzerland.

As we pulled out of the station I was able to snap a photo of Salzburg Castle.

Salzburg is very close to the German border, so I assume that the subsequent photos are of the Bavarian Alps.

At 2:45 in the afternoon we pulled into Munich's main train station.

My hotel, City Aparthotel, is within rolling distance of the train station, although not as close as my place in Vienna was.

My room is comfortable, clean and spacious...

yet this is a very odd place.  To get to my room I have to go through a courtyard to another building.  I don't think the rooms have any soundproofing.  Every sound in the hallway or the courtyard reveberates.  Every close door sounds as if it is being slammed shut. There are a lot of families staying here with crying babies, and screaming kids.  Some of the adult guests don't understand the concept of an "indoors voice" either.  The price was right, but if I were to return to Munich I would not pick this hotel.

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