city at night

city at night

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Going Guatemalan

My cousin Gail is always reading about new restaurants here in the Cleveland area.  We have gone out to a number of places.  Some of them have been Hispanic restaurants beyond the typical Mexican eateries (which are often more Tex-Mex than truly Mexican).  There is an excellent Colombian restaurant in the suburb of Lakewood, and in Cleveland's Old Brooklyn neighborhood there is a little lunch spot owned by a Honduran family serving tasty Caribbean fare.  Last week, Gail, her husband Wes and I went to a Guatemalan restaurant called "Rinconcito Chapín".  It too is located in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood.  There is nothing fancy about the place.  It's located in what used to be a hot dog joint.  But the food is good, the servings generous, and the prices reasonable.   

(photo taken by Wes)

As you can see, I had plenty of food.  At my left hand is a plate with two "pupusas", thick corn meal tortillas stuffed with beans and cheese.  Although "pupusas" are most associated with El Salvador and Honduras, they are popular throughout Central America.  They are served with cole slaw and a mild tomato sauce. 

I did not realize that the "pupusas" would be a meal unto themselves, so I also ordered "choripán", a sandwich of Argentinian origen that apparently has made its way to Guatemala.  Chorizo sausage with "chimichurri" fills the baguette style bread.  It is accompanied with yucca fries.

Everything was very good!

By the way, the shirt that I was wearing was purchased at Walmart on my last trip to Mexico City.  It was made in Mérida, the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán, and is styled in the manner of the "guayabera" shirts of that region.

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