Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New on the Menu

The deer population which nightly passes through my property would regard my garden as a "salad bar" if I did not constantly spray repellant.  Their favorite, of course, are the hostas… and I have a load of hostas in my garden.  Those plants have all been sprayed, and, so far, they have not been touched.  

Today I noticed that the deer have discovered a new tasty treat.  They have never before bothered my Siberian iris, but today I saw that they have chewed off most of the buds.  In the photo below I think that you can see the chewed-off stems.

Of course I immediately sprayed the buds which remain, but the number of blossoms that I will have will be much diminished this year.

Fortunately I had sprayed this Asiatic lily that I planted yesterday.  Otherwise, all of the buds would have probably been gone.

Among the flowers that the deer seem to ignore (knock on wood) are the Mexican primrose which my cousin Gail gave me a couple years ago...

and the amsonia, which are always very pretty each spring.

If only the deer had a diet exclusively of weeds!


  1. That's terrible! I planted some parsley last week, and yesterday I noticed the plant was completely gone. Something had also been digging in the dirt around my basil plants. In my case, I think it's rabbits or squirrels (both are a nuisance in our neighborhood), so I put up some chicken wire around the basil and am hoping for the best!

    1. We have loads of squirrels and chipmunks in our neighborhood, but deer are the big problem here. Now they have started eating my tall phlox and toad lilies, both plants that they have never bothered before.

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