city at night

city at night

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Holiday Brunch

I have written several times here how I made contact a couple years ago with my cousin Gail... a cousin that I didn't know that I had.  It was all because of this blog. Gail stumbled upon it when she was searching the internet for pictures of our ancestral town in Switzerland.  We share the same great-great grandparents, making us third cousins.  And she lives less than ten minutes away from my house!  Best of all, she and her husband Wes are very nice people, and I am so happy to count them as part of my family!

We see each other on a regular basis.  In fact, in a few weeks, they are going with me to Mérida, Mexico, where I will be their tour guide.

Today Gail and Wes held their annual Christmas brunch.  I was invited last year, but unfortunately I was out of town that weekend.  This year I was able to attend, and I had a lovely time.

Here are the three of us...

The food was great.  Between the food that Gail prepared and the dishes that the guests brought we had quite a scrumptious feast.  I prepared a "tortilla española" and a batch of my cherry fudge. 

Even better was the company and the conversation.  Among Wes and Gail's friends there were several retired school teachers, and all of them have traveled extensively.  So we had plenty to talk about.

Gail and Wes have traveled a great deal, and their beautiful Christmas tree is decorated with dolls and flags from all the countries that they have visited.

Next Christmas they will be able to add a doll and flag from Mexico!


  1. I'm not really that short, but wanted some of the tree to show so I knelt. I'm glad I put the dolls away every year so I can unwrap each one at Thanksgiving and remember our trips all over again. In 2017, we will be able to add Greece, Slovenia, and Croatia. I doubt I'll find a Montenegran doll but will finally be able to hang small Yugoslavian dolls I had as a child.
    All our friends loved meeting Bill, the only pre-marriage relative I have in Ohio, and by far the one I most enjoy!

    1. Thank you, Gail. We may be third cousins, but you are a "first cousin" in my book!
      One of these days you will have to get a second tree to make room for the dolls from all the countries you have visited!