Monday, November 4, 2013

La Casa de las Enchiladas

Yesterday afternoon, after we returned from the Anthropology Museum, we walked a few blocks from the apartment to a restaurant that we wanted to try, La Casa de las Enchiladas.  It's just a little hole-in-the-wall place, but it looked clean, and from the number of customers, it appeared to be popular. 

We started with a typical Mexican soup, "caldo tlalpeño".   It was thick with shredded chicken and vegetables.  A small plate of garnishes... chopped onion, cilantro and chile peppers... was served on the side.  The waitress apologized that they were out of limes.  (It is common to add a bit of lime juice to your soup.)  We were quite happy with the soup.

For the main course, as the name of the restaurant implies, you have one choice... enchiladas.  You create your own enchilada by choosing the type of tortilla, the kind of filling, the type of sauce, and the topping.  I chose enchiladas made with with white corn tortillas, a filling of potatoes and chorizo (a spicy, Mexican sausage),  topped with chipotle sauce and melted cheese.  Alejandro had blue corn tortillas filled with chicken and potatoes.  He also chose the chipotle sauce and melted cheese.  A serving consisted of three enchiladas with a side of frijoles.  We were very satisfied with our meal.  It wasn't fancy, but it was thoroughly Mexican.  The prices were not as cheap as street or market stall food, but were reasonable.  The bill for the two of us, including dessert and beverages, was under 30 dollars.  We would go there again, but there are a number of other restaurants in the vicinity that we want to try first.


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