Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Back when I was teaching and I would travel to Mexico in the summer, people would say to me, "Isn't it awfully hot down there?"  I would say, "No.  I go down there to cool off."   Indeed, central Mexico with its high elevation was usually more comfortable than Ohio in July or August.

On this trip the high temperatures have generally been in the 70's.  At night it is cool, and a jacket or sweater are necessary.  However, today it feels COLD!!  A cold front from the north passed through.  The temperature right now is 48 degrees Fahrenheit and it feels like 43.  I went out for a while today, and my sweater was not enough.  Most residents were wearing heavy coats and many even had scarves.  A cold snap like this is not unusual for Mexico City, but it is more likely to come in January or February.

The forecast says that tomorrow will be partly sunny with a high of 72.

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