Tuesday, October 3, 2023


As I mentioned before, my condo in Mexico City is fully furnished, so it is not necessary to move all of my belongings south of the border.  A moving company has already packed the things that I really want to have down there, and those items are on their way to Mexico.  The next step is to clear everything else out of the house.  I contacted a liquidating company that was recommended by my realtor.  Yesterday they arrived to begin the process.

They are taking an inventory of everything in the house.  First, I gave them a tour and explained the origin of the handicrafts (many of them from Mexico) which I have collected over my years of travel.  The liquidators are very knowledgeable about antiques and collectibles, but I am sure that these handicrafts are something new to them.  ("Do you know what 'alebrijes' are?"  "Are you familiar with the black pottery of Oaxaca?")  One of the liquidators took notes while I described the provenance of things.

I left the house for a while to let them do their work.  When I returned, many items had numbered stickers on them.

Every item that they think can be sold will be on an online auction which will continue for a couple of weeks.  Then I will have to vacate the house.  The winning bidders will come to pick up their purchases.  What was not sold will then be cleared out, either donated to charity or thrown away.

Today they are returning, and they say that they should be finished with the inventory.

It will be very interesting to go onto their website and see how much interest there is in a lifetime's worth of stuff.


  1. Wes has contacted your liquidators about auctioning some of his sports memorabilia. Eventually, I'll ponder combing through my stuff, but I'll need to get the use of both arms back first.

    1. I found them to be very professional. I would recommend them highly to anyone.