Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weekend in Chicago

I have not posted on the blog for several days because I spent a long weekend in Chicago. 

I went to visit my friends Tony and Terence who were celebrating their 25th anniversary together.  Five years ago, when civil unions were approved in the state of Illinois, they had a ceremony, and now that same sex marriage is legal throughout the country, their union is fully recognized as a marriage.

They marked the milestone on Saturday with a very nice catered party in the community room of their condo building. 

I didn't know what to get them as an anniversary gift.  After I arrived on Friday I sneaked off to one of their favorite restaurants, "Las Mañanitas", which is located only a few blocks away from their home, and bought them a gift certificate.  On Friday evening I also treated them to dinner there.  I had chicken enchiladas in "mole" sauce.

Although there was some light rain on Saturday, for most of my time in Chicago, the weather was beautifully warm and sunny.  Here are a couple views of Lake Michigan from their building.

It was great to see my friends again, and to be a part of their celebration... and it was nice to take a break from my gardening.

Congratulations to Tony and Terence!

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