Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Planting Annuals

I have finally cleaned out the perennial beds.  Now comes the more fun job of planting annuals in my flower boxes, hanging baskets and the flower pots that I place on the patios.
Yesterday I worked on the large flower box behind my bedroom.

At each end of the box I have a metal, obelisk-shaped trellis within which I planted white mandevillas, a tropical vine native to Latin America.  I have planted two different colors of dwarf dahlias.  (Did you know that the dahlia is the national flower of Mexico?).  There are also petunias.  Thank goodness the newer varieties of petunias no longer deadheading. And finally, I planted a variety of impatiens that do well in sunlight.  They are marketed as "sun-patiens".  

In a month, the plants will have filled in the flower box, the petunias will trail over the edge, and the mandevillas will climb the trellises.  In front of the box I will have a variety of flowering annuals in pots.  It will be a lovely sight to wake up to in the morning.

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