Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

One More Day!

Twenty four hours from now I will be boarding a plane headed from Cleveland to Houston.  After a layover of several hours, I will then take for Mexico City.  I will arrive in my home-away-from-home around 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.  There I will spend more than a month.

Except for a few last minute things to do, I am ready to go.  My carry-on bag has been packed for a couple weeks, and yesterday I finished filling my backpack with my laptop, my plastic bag of liquids, a book to read and other miscellaneous items.  Since I have plenty of clothes at the condo that I rent, there is no need to check a large suitcase.  The carry-on is filled mainly with gifts for Alejandro and his family... lots of souvenirs that I bought them on my trip to Europe this summer.

Excuse me now.  It is time for me to print off my boarding passes.
¡Hasta pronto!


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    1. Thanks, Kathryn! Right now I am in Houston, waiting for my flight to Mexico City!