Friday, September 9, 2016

The Movie Producer

After much frustration trying to get my "video studio" program to work on my new computer, I finally succeeded in burning a DVD of photos and videos from my trip to Switzerland.  (Long gone are the days when I would get out the projector and screen and invite my friends for slide shows of my travels.)

Out of more than 500 photos and videos which I took during my week in Switzerland I chose about half to create a 25 minute DVD.  I always add a musical background to the pictures.  While I was in Switzerland, I purchased a couple CDs of traditional Swiss folk music.  However, for parts of the video, particularly for the pictures of the spectacular mountain scenery, I wanted something less "folksy" and more majestic.  So I threw in one movement from Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 1 (one of my favorite symphonies).  Mahler was not a Swiss composer.  He came from neighboring Austria, but I think that much of his music complements very nicely the grandeur of the Alps.  After burning the DVD, I then printed one of my photos to use as a cover for the case.  (That was also done with fingers crossed since I had a hassle getting my printer to work correctly with the new computer.)

I now have another volume to add to my library of travel DVDs, and I am now in the middle of creating one of my pictures of Norway.