Thursday, September 22, 2016

Autumn Blooms

Today is the first day of autumn, although the weather is still summery with sunshine and a high temperature of over 80 degrees.  The long term forecast calls for continued warm temperatures for the next ten days.  The first frost is nowhere in sight.  Nevertheless, I have begun to clear out my flower beds.  It is a big job, and I need to be finished by the time I leave for Mexico in late October.  But I will hold off on cutting down a number of plants which are fall bloomers.

I have three different varieties of asters which are now either in full bloom or which are beginning to bloom.

These asters with white daisy-like flowers are over four feet tall.

I planted two other kinds of asters this spring, and they have started to bloom.

The toad lilies, which have beautiful, small, orchid-like flowers, have begun to blossom.

Some of the annuals, such as the petunias in the flower box, are still going strong.

It's hard to believe that within in month they will all be gone for another year.

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