Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Can You Figure This Out?

Over the years I have seen many street performers in different cities in the world, but these two that I saw in Oslo yesterday completely mystify me!

The woman is holding a staff.  The man appears to be levitating above her with only his hand resting on the top of the staff.  I spent ten minutes studying them from different angles.  I could not see any other connection between them.  Does anyone know how they do this???


  1. I just googled it! It's physics, strategic placement
    of rods and plates!

    1. Sorry...showing as "Anonymous"
      Instead of Joan, as I intended!
      That may be physics too!

    2. Hi Joan!
      I don't know. I looked and looked and could not see any connection... rods, plates, nada... between the man and woman other than the staff she is holding. Maybe, like any good magic trick, it's better not to know.