Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Friday, September 27, 2019

Floral Surprise

The biggest chore that I have to do before leaving for Mexico next month is to clear out my flower gardens.  A killing frost is nowhere in sight.  In fact we are still enjoying summer-like weather.  The temperature is even predicted to reach 90 one day next week.  Nevertheless the perennials have to be all chopped down.  I have made a good start in the flower beds behind the house.  Of course I am sparing for the time being the autumn flowers such as the asters and the toad lilies.

Yesterday I was looking out the window, and saw something blooming in the front flower bed.  I went outside and was amazed to find that my bearded iris, a spring bloomer, is flowering and has several more stalks of buds.  I looked at the bearded iris that I have out back, and I saw that it too is forming a stalk of buds.

I have never seen an iris bloom again in the autumn!


  1. You have re-blooming irises. The ones I bought many years ago were supposed to be re-bloomers, but seldom have done that. You're very lucky. Don't you love toad lilies? They're one of my favorite Fall garden gifts.

    1. Well, when I bought this iris, the tag said nothing about reblooming. On the other hand I also bought a couple iris plants which were supposed to rebloom in the fall, and they have done nothing. Yes, toad lilies are beautiful, but I have to spray them with deer repellent. I noticed that the deer were nibbling on the buds.