Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Window Shopping

In Bavaria "lederhosen" (leather breeches) are the traditional attire for men, and the "dirndl" the traditional women's dress.  I have seen a few people (not just waiters and waitresses) wearing these outfits here.

However I was surprised by the number of shops in Munich that displayed "lederhosen" and "dirndls" in their store windows. 

Even international chains such as C&A and H&M featured them.

I have to question the quality of "lederhosen" at H&M for only 39 euros.
Is it even made of leather?

At the other end of the spectrum there are some very high-end stores here carry "lederhosen" that cost more than 1500 euros!

Then it dawned on me why I was seeing "lederhosen" and "dirndls" in so many stores.  Oktoberfest begins in less than a month, and many residents of Munich will be decked out in traditional garb for the festivities.


  1. I could hear the Oktoberfest at the fairgrounds from my front yard on Sunday while working 6 hours pulling weeds and pruning!
    I've always loved German traditional clothing. I read the other day that were a woman ties the bow (left, right) is a message as to whether she is single or dating.

    1. Munich will soon be gearing up the grand-daddy of all Ocktoberfests.
      I was doing a bit of reading about the traditional garb prior to writing this post. The part about the significance of where a woman ties her apron (according to Wikipedia) is not true.