Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Friday, March 24, 2017

Keeping Within the Limits

I have done most of the packing for my upcoming trip to Mexico.  (Less than two weeks to go!)  Packing light is definitely not the motto for this trip.  Since I will be allowed to keep clothes at my new apartment, I am taking a lot more stuff than usual.  In addition to my abundance of clothes and all the other usual items, I am bringing gifts for Alejandro and his family.  I will be there for Alejandro's birthday and for Easter.  We are going to have an Easter egg hunt for his little nephew, so I bought plastic eggs and several bags of candy.  

I will be flying on United to Chicago, and since I have a credit card through United, there is no charge for a checked piece of luggage weighing up to fifty pounds.  From Chicago to Mexico City I will be on Interjet Airlines.  Interjet allows a checked suitcase weighing up to fifty five pounds free of charge.  However, unlike United, they also weigh the carry-on luggage, and they allow twenty-two pounds.

Today I did a trial run of weighing my suitcases.  My big suitcase weighed forty five pounds.  My carry-on was twenty one pounds.  There is the problem.  I still have to make a batch of fudge for Alejandro's family, and that will go in the carry-on.  It will probably add a couple more pounds.  So I started taking some things out of the carry-on and putting them in the big suitcase.  I weighed them again, and my carry-on came in at 19.6 pounds.   I think I will make it just under the wire! 

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