Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Bit of Fauna with the Flora

Yesterday I wrote about our visit to the orchid show at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. 

Of course the emphasis at a botanical garden is on plants.  But the Costa Rican rainforest and Madagascar desert habitats in the Cleveland conservatory also contain some of the animal life of those regions.

There are a couple of tortoises roaming the desert garden.  This fellow was enjoying a lunch of fruits and vegetables which had just been set out for him.

A volunteer with the Botanical Garden came out with this male chameleon.  I was surprised at how colorful it was.

The volunteer explained to us that chameleons change colors not for camouflage, but as a means of communication.  She then brought out another male, and they immediately changed color to express their displeasure upon seeing another male in the same territory.  Females will change colors to show whether or not they are willing to mate.

We then followed the volunteer into the rainforest display.  Every afternoon there is a release of a variety of Central American butterflies which have just emerged from their cocoons. 

A large "owl butterfly" landed on the volunteer's face.

Another butterfly landed on my head.  It tickled as it crawled across my bald pate.  Moments later yet another alighted on my shoulder.

This pretty butterfly landed on my friend's hand.

It's no wonder that when you leave, you pass through a small room with mirrors.  Here you can make sure that you are not accidentally carrying a butterfly beyond the exhibit.

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