Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Friday, March 10, 2017

A Place to Call Home

I have already written several times here about my great opportunity to rent an apartment in Mexico City.  It practically fell into my lap, and I didn't have to do any apartment hunting while I was there in January.  A couple nights ago I talked with the couple that owns the apartment via Skype.  They were in Mexico City at the time getting everything ready for me.  They called in someone from Sears (yes, Sears is a major chain in Mexico), and he checked out all the kitchen appliances to make sure that they were in working order.  They have made a set of keys for me, and, once they return home to the United States, they will send them to me via UPS.  The internet is up and running, so I will be able to send emails and work on my blog immediately.   They don't have cable, but that is not an issue since I don't watch much television.  There is a DVD player, however, so I will be able to use that when I want to watch a movie.  I will even be able to leave clothes in the closet, so I won't have to pack a big suitcase every time I go down there.

I am to call their maid the evening that I arrive.  She will come to the apartment the next day to show me how everything works.  She will come in on a weekly basis to clean and even do my laundry... at a ridiculously low price.

On Google Maps I have been exploring my new neighborhood, and everything I will need is a short walk away.  A Metrobus stop is close, so from there I will be able to get to most parts of the city.  There are plenty of restaurants nearby, although the neighborhood does not have the incredible variety of excellent dining of the Condesa / Roma neighborhoods where I have stayed in the past.  However, with a nice, full-sized kitchen I will be doing more of my own cooking.  There is a Superama supermarket close by, and every Sunday there is an open-air market where I can buy fresh produce just around the corner.

Can you tell that I am excited?  In less than a month I will be back in Mexico City!.



  1. The Metrobus will become your new best friend. You will be only a few stops south of where my apartment is. I wish I were there. I desperately miss CDMX as it's FAR (FAR!) more interesting than Redding, CA.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where at least we have our own car and can drive some amazing twisty roads with the top down in nice weather.

    1. I've been using Metrobus regularly for several years now. The old apartment was even closer to a Metrobus stop than the new one.