Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Friday, November 6, 2015

Very Distressing

Ever since the Condesa neighborhood was developed in the 1920s, "Parque México" has been the heart of the district.  The park is even lovelier since its recent renovation.

The park has always been a favorite spot for the residents of this upscale neighborhood to walk their dogs, and recently a fenced in area was created where dog owners could let their pets run free.

Around the end of September of this year there were very disturbing reports of dogs in the neighborhood mysteriously dying.  Their symptoms, convulsions and shortness of breath, indicated that they had been poisoned.  The only common thread among these deaths was that their owners walked them in "Parque México".   It seemed that some very sick individual had spread poison in the park.  There are many rumors, but not much hard evidence or facts.  There may have been around 20 dogs who died.  There was talk that there were also cases from nearby "Parque España". 

The dog park in "Parque México" was closed while government investigators analyzed the soil.  Early reports say that nothing was found.  PETA organized a protest rally, and offered a $5000 US reward for information on whoever was responsible.

Yesterday afternoon I took a walk to "Parque México"... it's just a few blocks away from my apartment.  People were walking their dogs as usual, and the dog park was once again open and being used by local dog owners.  A large banner from PETA announcing last month's protest and the $5000 reward still hung at one corner of the park.  

Near the dog park there were still some home made signs left from the protest.

I wanted to ask some of the people in the park what they knew about the situation, and if they were afraid to bring their dogs here.  But I feared that I might appear suspicious.  I was even hesitant to take pictures of the dogs in the park.

I don't know that any answers will be found in the case of these mysterious deaths, but I hope that no more occur.


  1. In Houston after some particularly rainy season, tree rats were abundant, I was told. I have never seen a tree rat, but I believed what people told me. So people put out rat poison to kill the rats. My dog Flash, must have licked some place where the poison was and nearly died. The vet said there had been so many animal poisonings all over the city that they could hardly get enough Vitamin K flown in to stop the internal bleeding. They did for Flash and after much treatment and fear, she survived. I truly don't think it was intentional. Let's hope the situation in DF was not either. Of course Flash lived a long, long life after that episode.

    1. Here the story at first was that the city had put out poison to kill rats, but the city government denied it. So who knows what happened!

  2. It's hard to imagine that the police will be any more effective in investigating canine murders than human murders. And if they are, it will be a complete scandal.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the police are amazing when it comes to finding murder suspects.

    1. Very true. I doubt that we will ever know what really happened.