Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I have written numerous times about one of my favorite restaurants in Mexico City... Angelopolitano.  The restaurant specializes in the cuisine of Puebla, one of the culinary capitals of Mexico.  The restaurant is located in the Roma Norte neighborhood, appropriately on Puebla Street, near the corner of Sonora Avenue.

I have eaten at the restaurant numerous times for supper, but I had never been there for lunch.  One afternoon last week I walked there to have a light meal.

I began with a bowl of their delectable cream of poblano soup.  The poblano chile is a mild and very flavorful pepper, and their soup, garnished with cheese, nuts and "crema", is wonderful.

My main reason for going there was to try one of their lunchtime specialties... a "cemita".  "Cemitas" are a type of sandwich typical of Puebla.  The word also refers to the special bun on which it is served.  Unlike the crusty roll which is used for "tortas" (another variety of sandwich found throughout Mexico), the "cemita" is a soft roll made with eggs similar to a brioche.  The restaurant offers a variety of fillings for their "cemitas".  Since they make a wonderful "mole", I went with the chicken in "mole".  My light lunch turned out to be very filling!  I don't know how the locals eat their "cemitas", but I found that it was the kind of sandwich that is easier to eat with a knife and fork.

Angelopolitano is not a place for cheap eats.  If I remember correctly, my lunch including beverage was around $15 US... definitely expensive for Mexico... but by our standards not at all unreasonable for a gourmet lunch of this quality.

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