Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Thursday, November 5, 2015

More About Cupcakes

The other day I wrote about three young ladies who were selling cupcakes on the street not far from my apartment.  I wrote that the cupcakes were delicious, but that I thought that the price of 40 pesos ($2.50 US) for one was rather exorbitant.  

Last night Alejandro and I were walking in the neighborhood, and we passed a small, upscale bakery.  When I saw that they had cupcakes, I said, "Let's go inside".  I asked how much they cost, and the clerk said 30 pesos per cupcake.  The thought crossed my mind that those I bought on the street were not home baked by the three "gastronomy school students".  Perhaps the "students" had simply bought a bunch of cupcakes from this shop and were selling them for a profit on the street. 

They had said that their cupcakes were sugar-free, make with "Splenda".  Alejandro asked the shop clerk if they sold sugar-free cupcakes, and she said "no".  OK, so the trio did not buy them here.  Maybe they really were students, and their cupcakes really were homemade. Alejandro also pointed out that "Splenda" is much more expensive than sugar in Mexico.  So, maybe, 40 pesos wasn't such an outrageous price after all

(Gee, I don't think I've ever used the word "cupcake" this many times in my life!)

We didn't buy any cupcakes at the bakery, but I couldn't resist purchasing "pan de muerto", the traditional bread which is served around the Day of the Dead.  The round, sweet loaf is topped with dough decorations that represent bones.

The bakery's "pan de muerto" was so good that I went back and bought another loaf this morning.  After this week they won't be making it for another year, so I might as well enjoy it while I can.

Besides, man does not live by cupcakes alone! 

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