Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Summer of 2012 - Zurich, Switzerland

Less than an hour away from Othmarsingen by train is Switzerland's largest city, Zurich.  One day, I hopped on the train and spent the day exploring the city.

Zurich has a metropolitan population of 1.8 million people.  It is the wealthiest, and the most expensive, city in Europe.  I could never afford to live there (a light lunch at an outdoor stand set me back $30), but it is a beautiful city and immaculately clean.

I got off the train at the Bahnhoff (the central train station).

From the train station I walked down the Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most elegant (and expensive) shopping streets in the world.
I followed the Bahnhofstrasse to where it ends on the shore of Lake Zurich.

Along the banks of the Limmat River, which flows from the lake, is Zurich's "Old Town".  It is dominated by the city's largest church, the Grossmunster.  Construction on the church began around 1100.
A climb to the top of one of the church towers offers an excellent view of the city.
I spent a couple hours wandering the picturesque streets of the "Old Town".


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