Saturday, July 21, 2018

Tacos Again

I was so full from breakfast on Wednesday that I did not plan to have any lunch.  If I got hungry in the evening I had some sandwich ingredients here in the apartment.  Around four o'clock I decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood.  A few blocks away I came to a place that I had noticed previously but which I had never investigated.  It's an establishment called "Mesa Nápoles" (Nápoles Table).  

We would call it a food court, although it is not really like the food courts in our malls in the United States.  There are a dozen stalls here selling a variety of different types of food.  There is Brazilian food, Arab food, Thai food and Yucatecan food.  There are stalls selling hamburgers, pizza, organic juices, crepes and ice cream.  In the far inner corner there is an establishment with the tongue-twisting name of "Yecapixtlería".

Yecapixtla is a town in the state of Morelos which is famous for "cecina".  "Cecina" is made from thin sheets of beef or pork which is cured and dried.  This stall served various kinds of tacos, but their specialty is "tacos de cecina".

I ordered a "taco de cecina enchilada"... pork cecina sprinkled with chili powder.

There is not much to it... just a slice of "cecina" on top of a tortilla, and three different kinds of salsa to spoon on.  Roll up the tortilla around the meat and eat.  It was good... in fact I ordered a second one.

I plan to return to this place.  I definitely want to try the stall selling Yucatecan food. 

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