Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Friday, May 11, 2018

Travel Plans - Definite and Tentative

I have only been back home for a few days, but I have already made my flight reservations to return to Mexico.  I will return in the middle of July.  Alejandro advised that I should wait until well after the Presidential election on July 1st.  Prior to the election, campaign rallies may be a disruption, and, depending on who wins, protest marches afterward may also be a problem.  This time I am abandoning my favorite airline, Interjet, and going back to United.  The United fare was so cheap that I could upgrade to the more comfortable "Economy Plus" seats for all four segments of the round trip journey, and still come out ahead.

I have written previously about my cousin Gail who lives about five minutes away from me.  We first made contact when by chance she read about my genealogical research here on this blog.  She and her husband are talking about taking a tour of Switzerland next summer.  At the end of their tour they want me to join them and introduce them to our Swiss cousins, and to visit our ancestral town.

I am seriously thinking of flying to Switzerland via Iceland. This month Icelandic Airlines is starting non-stop service from Cleveland to Reykjavik.  Travelers are welcome to spend some time in Iceland before continuing on to Europe at no additional cost in airfare.  I could spend a few nights in Reykjavik, do some sightseeing, and then fly on to Zurich.  After spending some time with my Swiss cousins, I could then take a train on to Austria and visit Salzburg and Vienna.  

I don't know if this will happen or not, but today I bought guidebooks for Iceland and Austria, and I have gone back to studying my German. 


  1. Yes, definitely travel via Iceland! It's such a neat place! I spent a long weekend there in February, 2001, and I had a fabulous time (even for it being winter!). I've always wanted to go back in the summertime to experience that season there, so I'll be very eager to see your photos, if that's what you decide to do.

    1. I definitely plan to take advantage of our new flights from Cleveland to Iceland the next time I go to Europe. Not only will it be a neat place to visit, but it should cut down on the jet lag.

      By the way, I just saw your sister at the post office this afternoon, and we had a short chat.