dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Skies of Mérida Are Crying

Today has been an overcast day, and it was sprinkling a bit this afternoon.  I told Frank that the skies of Mérida were crying because he was returning to Ohio today.

Our fantastic driver, David, drove us to the airport.  I accompanied Frank in case he needed any help at check-in.  However, the process was very quick and simple.  There was not any line at all at the United desk.  I went with him as far as security, and as I write this he is waiting for his 4:00 flight.

 Frank, with his boarding passes, is sad to leave Mérida.

This was Frank's first experience with international travel (other than trips to Canada).  He had a wonderful time and has fallen in love with Mérida.  He felt very comfortable and at home here, and he wants to return.  Last night, we ate at Amaro, and our favorite waiter, Enrique, gave him a farewell hug, as did the owner of the restaurant where we ate breakfast this morning, as did our driver David when we arrived at the airport.  Frank is sad not just to leave the warmth and sunshine, the wonderful food and the fascinating places; he is sad to leave behind the kind, friendly people of Mérida.

I will remain in Mérida for a couple more days before I head on to Mexico City.  I have more posts to write about our experiences in this great city. 

¡Buen viaje, Frank!

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