dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Monday, January 18, 2016

Exclusive: "El Gringo Suelto" Revealed

One of the blogs which I regularly read is "El Gringo Suelto".  I met Kim, the author of the blog, two years ago when we were both in Mexico City at the same time.   Once again we are both in Mexico, and we made plans to get together yesterday.

If you have read Kim's blog, you know that he has never, ever posted a picture of himself. Well, today I have, for the first time on any blog, a photo of the mysterious "Gringo Suelto"...

Are you ready for this?

For the very first time...

Exclusively here on my blog...

A photo of "El Gringo Suelto"!!!!

Seriously, however, Alejandro and I had a great time yesterday with Kim.  We met in the morning for breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants, La Buena Tierra.  Then Alejandro drove us to some places on the outskirts of Mexico City which are a bit off of the typical tourist track, and which Kim had never seen before.  I wrote about these places in more detail last year, but I will post of few of the pictures that I took yesterday.

Our first stop was the pyramid of Tenayuca which predates the era of the Aztecs.

Just a short distance away is Santa Cecilia which boasts a beautifully restored Aztec pyramid.

From there we continued on to Tezozómoc Park, which was filled with families enjoying a Sunday afternoon.

By this time it was late afternoon and we were hungry.  Alejandro drove us back into the city, and we ate at a Oaxacan restaurant in the Zona Rosa.  We were there for about three hours, chatting over dinner and drinks.  Talk about a leisurely Mexican meal!

Kim is going to be in Mexico City for a while... as am I... so I am sure that we will have more opportunities to get together. 


  1. ¡Ay! ¡Bill! You've blown my cover!!! Now I'm going to have to slink off to some small, Mexican pueblo without internet and live out my life in the shadows! Hahaha

    But seriously, I had a fantastic time. You two are such fun to be with, and hanging around Alecks is already improving my Spanish.

    Saludos y un fuerte abrazo,

    Tu amigo,

    Kim G
    DF, México
    Where you too can buy a house across the street from an ancient pyramid.

    1. Ha ha! You don't have to run off to some little "pueblo". I think that in a city of over 20 people your anonymity will be maintained.
      We enjoyed your company!