Mexico City

Mexico City

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

At Our Favorite Restaurant

I have written a number of times that our favorite restaurant in Mexico City is a place in the neighborhood of Roma Norte called Angelopolitano.  It specializes in the cuisine of the city and state of Puebla.  Every time I am in Mexico City, Alejandro and I make it a point to go there at least once.  Last night we invited Kim, author of the blog "Gringo Suelto" to join us for supper.

The menu includes that masterpiece of Mexican cuisine "chile en nogada" (which I wrote about in yesterday's post).  The dish is traditionally served for Mexico's Independence Day, September 16th, because the green of the poblano pepper, the white of the sauce, and the red of the pomegranate seeds are the colors of the Mexican flag.  Originally the restaurant only featured it during the late summer and fall, but it now appears to be a permanent item on the menu.

Alejandro ordered the "chile en nogada", and it was delicious, as always.

I usually order "chile en nogada" here, although there are so many other wonderful dishes on the menu.  Since I just had "chile en nogada" a while ago when I was in Mérida, I ordered instead chicken breast stuffed with apples and covered with a guava "mole".  Superb!

 Kim ordered a similar dish... chicken breast stuffed with pears and covered with an apricot "mole".

Kim said his meal was excellent, and I think he understands why Angelopolitano is our favorite.


  1. Such a yummy meal! And such a bargain, what with the exchange rate. I had two margaritas (because I'm the designated drunk, haha), a salad, and the main course. How much? With tip, my share of the "damage" came to a mere $29 USD. In Boston, were it available (which it's not), such a meal in such a nice restaurant would have likely set me back $60-70.


    Kim G
    DF, México
    Where we're having a ball!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal! Whenever I recommend a restaurant so highly, I always worry that it won't live up to someone's expectations. We enjoyed sharing our favorite restaurant with you!

  2. This meal looks fantastic. We have traveled many times to Mexico City and have always been on the look out for great restaurants. The chile en nogada is a dish I have had before when we went there. Need to try this out at the restaurant you found. I truly love Mexican food and the traditional dishes of their culture.

    Cristopher @ Lamoraga Restaurant

    1. You should definitely try out "Angelopolitano" on your next trip to Mexico! I think you will be happy that you did.