Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Friday, August 4, 2017

More Street Art

Mexico City is famous for its street art.  I'm not talking about graffiti, (although some of these painters may have begun by doing graffiti), but rather large artistic works which decorate walls throughout the city.  During my last trip I wrote a couple of posts about large concentrations of street art in the neighborhood of La Romita and in the area of the Church of La Santísima Trinidad in the Historic Center.  However you can find these paintings in most any part of the city... from poorer neighborhoods to upscale districts.

Here are a few more examples which I photographed while wandering in Mexico City...


  1. I'm always awed by the size and beauty. Back in the mid 80's, I designed a restaurant and had murals on the exterior and interior of the restaurant. A new thing back in those days in Houston. There were a gazillion of articles about the "art". Nowadays people enjoy but seldom mention such things. Funny, I wrote about street art too. I'm finally catching up on reading blog posts today........

    1. I hate to see graffiti, so I am always pleased when the walls are covered with something that is truly artistic. The one good thing that I will say about graffiti vandals is that most of the time they seem to respect the street art and do not deface it. And some of the graffiti "artists" who have real talent move on and channel their energy into creating something beautiful.