Mexico City

Mexico City

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Heading South of the Border Again

My bags are packed, my boarding pass is printed, and I am ready to return to Mexico.  My month at home in Ohio has flown by, and tomorrow I will return for another stay in the apartment that I am renting in Mexico City.  My plane departs from Cleveland at 8:00 AM. Once again I will fly to Chicago from where I will take the afternoon flight to Mexico City on Interjet Airlines.

The weather forecast for Mexico City is calling for temperatures cooler than in Ohio, with highs in 70s and night time lows in the 50s.  Back in the days when I was teaching, my trips to Mexico of course were mainly during summer vacation.  My students would ask me, "Isn't it hot in Mexico in the summer?", and I would answer, "I go to Mexico to escape the hot Ohio summers."  In Mexico, temperature is all about elevation.  In the coastal lowlands, it is, indeed, terribly hot.  But in Mexico City and the rest of the central highlands, the weather is very temperate, and the locals complain about the heat if it is above 80 degrees.

It has been many years since I have been in Mexico in August... the middle of the rainy season.  I hope that the rain will not be too persistent, and that I will still be able to do plenty of exploring in the city.

My next post will be from south of the border! 


  1. I'm enjoying your jaunts back and forth to Mexico!

  2. I feel sad every time you leave Ohio. It really can't afford the loss.
    Looking forward to your posts from the big city.
    Dana Jennings

    1. I think Ohio will manage to carry on without me! Ha ha!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Scott. The past few days have been dry in CDMX. However this morning is overcast. Hope the rain holds off until late afternoon. I have a lot of errands to rain today!