Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sunday in Condesa

On Sunday, Alejandro and I took the Metrobus up to the neighborhood of Condesa, the area where I had previously rented apartments.  We strolled around Parque México which is always an interesting place on weekends.

Hydrangeas blooming in the park

The duck pond

If you don't want to walk, and you don't have a bicycle, you could rent one of these pedal carts.

There are plenty of snack vendors to satisfy your hunger.

There were also vendors selling potted plants...

...woven baskets and bags...

... and even hand-made furniture.

There are tables set up where children can work on art projects.

You can even get a massage.

You can always count on there being some musical groups performing in the park.  This group was playing Dixieland Jazz.

One section of the park is a "dog park", where dogs are allowed to run loose.

After your dog has played in the park, you can get it washed and groomed at this mobile, canine "beauty shop".

Next to the dog park, the local animal protective leagues have dogs (and a few kittens) for adoption.


  1. I like Parque Mexico. It was nice to see on my last visit that they had scrubbed the graffiti clean.

    Do you know Parque de los Venados? I used to live near there, and your pics of the canine clinic and the pedal cart reminded me of Mexico City's "deer park."

    Hope you had another good visit. Saludos de Gringolandia!

    1. I'm back home now, and, yes, it was another good trip.
      They did a complete renovation of Parque Mexico about a year ago, and, knock on wood, there is still no graffiti.
      Not familiar with Parque de los Venados.