Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ready for Auction

Last week I wrote that I had started doing a painting which I will donate to a charity auction.  This evening I finished the painting.

As I previously wrote, I was going to do a street scene based on a photo which I had taken in the small Mexican town of Tlalpujahua.  But very quickly my painting diverged from the photo, and it is simply an imaginary scene in an imaginary Mexican village.  It is a fairly large canvas measuring 36" by 24".  I am not really satisfied with the way it turned out, but, hopefully, someone will like it and bid on it.

The auction will be held on April 14th in Fairlawn, Ohio (a suburb of Akron).  The proceeds benefit the Ohio chapter of "Los Amigos de las Américas", an organization which sends high school and college students to Latin American countries where they spend the summer doing volunteer work.

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