Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Counting Down the Days

One week from today I will once again leave for Mexico City.  During the time that I am at home in Ohio, it never seems as if I will be able to accomplish everything that I need to get done.  But usually everything is finished with time to spare.

The painting that I did for the charity auction was finished and delivered.

Income tax has been prepared and sent in.

I have been to my scheduled doctors' appointments, and all that is left is a dentist's appointment tomorrow 

The snow is gone (knock on wood), and on one pleasant day I cleaned up the yard, picking up the many twigs and branches that had fallen during winter storms and raking up leaves.  (My pin oak tree never drops all of its leaves in the autumn, but continues to shed its dead, brown leaves throughout the winter and into the spring.)

One carry-on bag is almost packed.  I have clothes at the condo that I rent in Mexico City, so the bag is mainly filled with gifts for Alejandro and his family. 

I even made a batch of fudge to take to Alejandro's family.  I just finished cutting that into pieces and putting it into a container.  (We will see if that once again arouses the suspicions of security at the airport!)

One thing that I must always do when I am at home is to see friends and relatives before I fly off to Mexico again.  My social calendar has been very full.  Even so, there are a few friends that will have to wait until my return in May to see me.

Last weekend I took an overnight trip to Columbus to see family down there.  Last night I got together with my cousin Gail and her husband Wes, and we went out for dinner at a nearby Ukrainian restaurant.  Ukrainian cuisine is quite similar to Polish cooking, and the borsht, pierogis and cabbage rolls that I ordered were as good as any that I have ever had!

(photo taken by Wes)
 (After all that good food, I really didn't need dessert, but neither Wes nor I could resist.)

Today, in just a couple hours, I will leave to meet a friend for lunch at a local German restaurant.  After all these social engagements, I think that I will need to fast for a few days before I head to Mexico with all its culinary delights!


  1. Hola Bill!

    I'm positively verde with envy that you're heading soon to CDMX. If only I could be there too. Sigh...

    Please send my regards to Aleckz.

    Saludos y un gran abrazo,

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we are virtually trapped for now.

    1. Hi Kim,
      Hopefully this trip will be much more enjoyable than the last one. However I won't see as much of Alejandro, since he has taken on a lot of family responsibilities since his mom's death.

    2. P.S. do you mind adding me back to your blogroll?

  2. Hold that tummy in, Senor Doughboy!