dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tapas for Supper

Just a few blocks from the apartment where I stay in Mexico City, there is a restaurant called "100 Montaditos".  It is part of a Spanish chain that has spread beyond Spain, to Mexico, the United States and other countries.  They serve "tapas", particularly "montaditos", tapa-sized sandwiches on a baguette-like roll with a wide variety of fillings.  As the name of the restaurant says, they have 100 different kinds of "montaditos".

For some time Alejandro and I have been meaning to try it out for supper, but every time that we pass by the place it has been jammed.  Last night, Monday, was a slow night, so we finally had a chance to eat there.  

To drink, we each had something I had tried last year in Spain... "tinto de verano".  It's very much like "sangría", but better.  I suspect that some Spaniards might be aghast that the wine was served in a Mason-jar mug, but it was very good... so good, in fact, that Alejandro had a second mug.  I would have had another one too, but with Mexico City's altitude, it doesn't take much alcohol to make me light-headed. 

To eat, we began with a plate of five different "montaditos", filled with meats and cheeses.  They were very tasty.  We then shared a portion of "croquetas" (ham croquettes).  They were good, although I have had much better in Spain.  We finished with "tortilla española", Spain's famous egg and potato omelet.  It was cut into small cubes and served with small forks so that we could share.  The "tortilla" was excellent.

It was a very good dining experience, and I am sure that we will return in the future.


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