dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Back Home

I'm now back home in Ohio.
My flights went very smoothly, leaving and arriving on time.  Because I had splurged and purchased seats with more leg room, the journey was also very comfortable.  The flights were not crowded, and I had no one sitting next to me.  Passing through immigration and customs in Houston was also a snap.  I did have a bit of a line to pass back through security, but the whole process did not take much more than a half hour.  Once again I had a long layover in Houston, but I had another free pass for the United Club, and I was able to pass the hours comfortably.  It was fortunate that I did not leave a day or two earlier.  I missed the disastrous flooding which hit Houston at the beginning of the week.  As we were landing I could see evidence of the heavy rains which had hit the city.  When I arrived in Cleveland the temperature was close to 70 degrees. 

It was a gray, misty morning when I left Mexico City.
The final approach to Cleveland as we pass over the suburb where I live.

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