dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Friday, April 8, 2016

Neighborhood Shopping

On my last trip to Mexico City I wrote about "Woolworth de México" (yes, the chain still exists south of the border).  There is a store within walking distance of my apartment, and every time that I am in Mexico City I go there to see what they have.  They always have a selection of official team soccer apparel at a fraction of the normal cost.  (You can easily pay $100 US for an official shirt!)  Today I found a couple of shirts for myself, and each cost about $10 US.

The Pumas are the soccer team of UNAM (the National University of Mexico)...

and Real Madrid (Royal Madrid) is one of the top teams in Spain.

I also went today to another neighborhood store that I frequently visit, "El Huacal" (The Wooden Crate).  It is a tiny shop located on Colima Street about ten minutes (on foot) from my apartment.  

"El Huacal" sells artesanal products, and they have a large selection of handmade soaps.  I always buy some soaps for myself and as souvenirs for friends.  Today, after sniffing the samples, I selected twelve bars for 400 pesos (about $22 US).

The varieties that I purchased were:  cinnamon, cinnamon and orange, oatmeal and vanilla, almond, cherry and chocolate, mint, and coconut.

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