dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Friday, April 15, 2016

A Belated Birthday Present

I have written previously about how I got my friend Alejandro hooked on the British TV series "Downton Abbey".  He has the DVD sets for every season except for the final one.  That was going to be his birthday present while I was down here on this trip.  The first day after my arrival in Mexico City, I went to "Mix-Up", the city's leading music / video chain hoping to buy it.  Alas, it had not yet been released in Mexico, but the clerk said that it would be out on April 15th.

Alejandro's birthday came and went.  Today, April 15th, I went back to "Mix-Up", although I was not optimistic that it would be there.  But, sure enough, it was there.  First I found the boxed set of the entire six seasons on a rack of new releases But I didn't want that since Alejandro already had the first five seasons.  I asked a clerk, and led me to a different shelf that had Season Six.

Mission accomplished!  I have Alejandro's belated birthday present.  I suspect that this weekend we will be doing a "Downton" marathon.


  1. Now you've got to move on to a new gift.

    I once bought an ex-lover (who has an inordinate fondness for fancy china) a starter set of Lenox's "Holiday" pattern. For the next several years, I could safely give him more and more pieces since he was enchanted with the set. But eventually, he had the whole collection, and then I had to think of something new.

    So good luck.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where our own china is plain white.

    1. When I was at Mix-Up I bought another DVD set for him... the first season of "Gilmour Girls" (another favorite TV show of mine). Alejandro was really pleased because he had seen a few episodes and enjoyed the show. So I have several seasons of that show to buy for him on future trips.