dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Arrival in Oaxaca

It's after midnight here in Oaxaca, so I will keep this post fairly short.  We had a long travel day.  In spite of the extreme cold in Ohio, our flight left Cleveland right on time and arrived in Houston on time.  We had a long layover in Houston, made even longer by a delay of around an hour and a half for the flight to Oaxaca.  (They were waiting for the flight crew.)  It was 9:45 PM before we landed in Oaxaca.  I managed to call the fellow who was supposed to give us the key to the apartment that we had rented.  He had left the apartment, but he said that he had given the key to the neighbor.  We took a taxi from the airport.  When we arrived at the small complex of apartments arranged around a courtyard, the neighbor heard us at the gate and let us in.  There was no bottled water in the apartment, so I ventured out, and after several blocks found a small grocery store that was open.

It's late, I need to sleep... so that's all for now.l


  1. There seems to always be a delay in Houston with crews or maintenance or something.....it is maddening........

    Glad ya'll are safe and sound.

    1. There is was a lady on our flight who is a geologist who works in Oaxaca. She said that the flight to Oaxaca NEVER leaves on time.