Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Season's Greetings!

I felt very productive yesterday because I finished two projects on which I have been working.  First, I completed the slide show of my photos of Norway on my video program, and I successfully burned a DVD.  Second, I finished painting the picture which I will use for my Christmas card this year.

I know, it's only the middle of September.  I'm worse than the stores which start putting out their holiday merchandise before Halloween even arrives.  However, I need to have the cards printed before I leave for Mexico at the end of October.  I always take the cards and envelopes with me to Mexico, and make them out while I am down there.  They are all done by the time I return home and ready to send out after Thanksgiving.

Usually the picture I paint for the card is based on someplace I have traveled during the course of the year.  So what will it be this year?   A colonial church in Mexico?  A medieval Norse church?  Or perhaps a landscape of Alpine scenery in Switzerland?  I won't tell.  It's always a secret until I send them out, and there are a number of frequent readers of this blog who are on my Christmas card list.

I have been painting my own cards since I retired in 2004.  As I was organizing my files on my new computer, I came across the first one I did, one of the few cards which was not based on my travels.  It is a New England winter scene.

Come December, I will share with you the 2016 card.

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