Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Still Standing

As I continue to clear out my flower beds, there is one perennial which I have left standing... the toad lily.

The toad lily is an autumn bloomer.  I planted it several years ago in a shady spot of the garden.  This year it really took off, and the plant is about three feet in height.   The flowers are small, but are very exotic in appearance. They look like tiny orchids. 

The plant is full of buds.  The weather this week is turning colder, and by next weekend they are predicting low temperatures in the 30s.  I am hoping that the first frost holds off so that my toad lily may continue to bloom in splendid isolation. 


  1. What a name for such a beautiful flower!!!

    1. I know. I had forgotten the name of it, but I recalled that it was a rather unappealing name. The other day I was outside chatting with my next-door neighbor, and she said, "That's a toad lily."