Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Thinning Out

For years I have said that I needed to thin out my crowded shade garden.  But I liked the solid blanket of vegetation, with various shades of green from a variety of hostas, ferns, grasses, and the "snow on the mountain" ground cover.  Astilbes, day lilies, and spiderwort would provide a touch of color from time to time.  This year I had no choice but to thin the bed out.  As I wrote a couple days ago some plant of unknown origen was taking over and choking out my plants.  Today I spent several hours of my 4th of July mercilessly ripping out the invasive intruder, at times sacrificing some of my established plantings in the process.  I repeatedly turned over the soil with a shovel and picked out the ubiquitous whitish strand sof roots.  It fear that any bit of root remaining will sprout again next year.  I am sure I did not remove every piece of root, and I will probably see this pretty bu nefarious plant again in the spring.  However, there should be a lot less of it to deal with next year.  

When I was done with the operation, there were actually patches of bare soil visible between the plants.


  1. Your persistence is admirable. I never thin anything! Love your hostas. I had never seen them until I was staying near DC many years ago. They are lovely in a shade garden. Wish I could grow them here or find them here. In fact, my biggest wish is that I lived near you as you "thin" to get a plant or two. Ha.

    1. Well, I had no choice... I had to get those invasive plants out of there.
      I really don't think you would want to trade San Miguel's climate for Ohio's. A few hosta plants are not worth the trade-off! :-)