Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Another Schnitzel Tuesday

You may remember from earlier posts my high school friend Duffy and his husband Carlos.  They have homes in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida.  I wrote about them a couple years ago when they went through the devastation of Hurricane Maria.  (Fortunately their building survived with no major damage.)  Duffy makes frequent visits back to Ohio to visit his mom, and this year they are both spending a good portion of the summer up here.  

Last night, along with Gayle, another high school friend, we all went to downtown Cleveland to enjoy "Schnitzel Tuesday" at the Hofbrauhaus Cleveland.  When I first went there a month ago, I wrote about it here.  The place is styled after the world-famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany.  Since then, Gayle and I went there after a visit to the Cleveland Art Museum, and we decided that we should take Duffy and Carlos there.

All four of us were something of heretics... we went to the Hofbrauhaus and none of us ordered beer.  However, we all ordered schnitzel.

The big plates of schnitzel did not keep most of us from ordering dessert.  Gayle and Duffy shared a slice of German chocolate cake.

Carlos was the only one who showed restraint.  He simply had a small taste of my Black Forest cake.

Next month I will have the opportunity to visit the original Hofbrauhaus when I go to Munich!


  1. I just found out that my niece Gayle Stripling now lives near Cleveland as her husband is a football coach for a college. Of course we are all of German descent. I love sschnitzel. We have a restaurant here called Berlin that has delicious German food! If and when you return to SMA, we'll have to go there!

    1. Do you know where in the Cleveland area your niece lives? It would be quite a coincidence if they live in Berea, a college town which is just down the street from me!