Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Timely Quote

I am currently reading Ken Follett's historical novel "Edge of Eternity", the final book of his trilogy which chronicles the events of the 20th century.

One of the fictional characters in the novel is Jasper, a successful TV newsman who is fired for his criticism of the popular but scandal-plagued Reagan administration.  He gives a farewell speech to his colleagues which is eerily timely given the Pendejo-in-Chief's hostility to a press which is calling him out on his innumerable lies.

"Leaning against the bar, Jasper made a speech.  Wounded, sad, and defiant, he said: 'I love this country.  I loved it the first time I came here, back in 1963.  I love it because it's free.  My mother escaped from Nazi Germany; the rest of her family never made it.  The first thing Hitler did was take over the press and make it subservient to the government.  Lenin did the same.'  Jasper had drunk a few glasses of wine, and as a result was a shade more candid. 'America is free because it has disrespectful newspapers and television shows to expose and shame presidents who f*** the Constitution up the a**.'  He raised his glass.  'Here's to the free press.  Here's to disrespect.  And God bless America.' "


  1. The Follett trilogy was so interesting, informative and timely .........scarily so. Enjoyed all of the books.

    1. I just finished the final book of the trilogy last night. Great historical fiction!