Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ready to Go

Tomorrow morning I return for another month in Mexico City.  I have a bit more house cleaning to do and a couple last minute items to put in my bag, but other than that, my check list of things to do is completed.

My social calendar has been busy for the last several days with friends who wanted to see me before I take off again.  My high school buddy who endured hurricane Maria and its aftermath in Puerto Rico arrived in Ohio last week.  We had a chance to get together a couple times over the weekend.  He is definitely saying good bye to the island which has been his home for several decades.  He has to return to tie up loose ends, but he is not going to do that until electricity has been restored.

My flight leaves tomorrow morning at 9:20... not quite as early as some of my flights in the past.  Once again I will fly on United to Chicago, and then on Interjet Airlines to Mexico City.  I will arrive at around 5:15 P.M., and Alejandro will meet me at the airport to take me to the apartment that I rent.  

So, my next post will be from Mexico!

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