dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Friday, May 20, 2016

Clearing Out

In addition to spending several hours each day clearing my flower beds of weeds, I have also been slowly working on another project.

The shrubs around my house, which were planted many, many years ago by my father, have grown too large.  Sometime in the next few years I want to have new siding put on the house, but there is no room between the house and many of the bushes.  So my ongoing project is to remove the shrubbery and plant smaller bushes farther away from the house.

Right now I am working on a huge juniper bush.  Each day I cut off a little more, and about half of it is now gone. 

In the photo you can see that there is also a taxus bush that was almost completely hidden by the juniper.  It only has a small section of green growth.  That is coming out too.  I am simply chopping them down to the ground.  I am not going to attempt to remove them by the roots because they are too close to the gas line (you can see the gas meter in the photo), and I don't want to dig there.  There will be plenty of room in front of the stumps to plant new bushes.

Last summer I removed two overgrown taxus bushes that were next to the juniper. Those I did remove by the roots.  That was a lot of work!

In the above photo you can see where those shrubs used to be, and that I planted a couple smaller ornamental bushes farther away from the house.

I still have a number of large bushes in front of the house which need to be removed.  (Fortunately my beautiful azaleas are not too close to the house.)  I'm beginning to think that I will call a landscaping company to take them out, rather than tackling the job by myself.


  1. It's always amazing that people never seem to think that shrubs will become big and dominant some day. They are almost ALWAYS planted too close to the house.


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where the same thing seems to happen.

    1. In defense of my father, it was more than 40 years ago that he planted some of those bushes. But he did plant them too close to the house.