Mexican countryside

Mexican countryside

Monday, September 18, 2017


Yesterday I posted a link to a YouTube video of the "Grito" (Cry of Independence) which is held each year on Mexico City's main plaza, the Zócalo, on the eve of Mexican Independence Day.  Today I follow that up with a link to another video which shows the fireworks show following the "Grito".

The video, from Mexican television, has some great shots of the Zócalo, and you can appreciate its vast size.  The one thing that I found extremely annoying however is that the camera, every few seconds, moves from the spectacular fireworks, to the President and his family on the balcony of National Palace.  I'd prefer to see the fireworks uninterrupted rather than having to look at his mug, but there he is, waving to the crowd and smiling as if oblivious to the fact that he is one of the most unpopular people in Mexico. 

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